Speakers Bureau

Master Gardener Speaker Bureau

The Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties WSU Master Gardener Speakers Bureau offers a unique opportunity for clubs, schools, businesses, churches, neighborhood and civic organizations throughout our area to obtain expert speakers on a variety of gardening-related topics, described below.

The presenters are Master Gardeners who have spent many hours beyond their original training to develop an expertise in their specific subject matter.

To inquire about a speakers availability, just select a program from the descriptions below and then call the WSU Extension office (360-482-2934). Extension staff will assist you in contacting the speaker in whom you are interested. (Only the speaker can schedule a presentation.)

Gardening for the Birds, with Dianna Moore.

American Goldfinch
What a perfect match gardening and birding are! Learn how to develop a garden of mostly native plants that attract birds to your yard. Learn which birds are likely to show up when they see the results. WSU Master Gardener Dianna Moore will show you how much pleasure you can get out of watching your birds through the seasons.

Beekeeping, with Ron Scholzen.

Interested in learning about beekeeping? Join WSU Master Gardener Ron Scholzen as he talks about the nature of the honeybee, the beehive and how to make simple bee housings to attract many different pollinators into your home garden and orchard.

Meet Miss Willmott!

Warley Place, Great Warley, Essex
WSU Master Gardener Mary Shane will take you to Warley Place, in England at the end of the 19th Century. She portrays Ellen Willmott, a noted English plantswoman who was so consumed by her love of gardening that, during a period of over 40 years, she spent her entire fortune of millions of pounds developing lavish garden at Warley Place, and at her estates in France and Italy.

Creating Your Own Berry Patch, with Barbara Peters.

Learn how to develop your own berry patch with WSU Master Gardener Barbara Peters. Ms. Peters’s own garden contains a flourishing berry patch. She will share what she has learned both from practical experience and from her WSU Master Gardener training. You’ll soon be on your way to growing your own luscious raspberries and blueberries!

A Workout in Your Garden, with Pam Hofmann.

Garden Exercise
If you enjoy gardening, WSU Master Gardener Pam Hofmann’s class will help you learn how to prevent common gardening injuries and what can be done if you do develop an injury. Students will learn how to incorporate some simple exercises to keep healthy and fit for life. Come prepared to do some exercise.