Maintenance Calendar – June

Maintenance Calendar

Compiled by Linda Lee,
WSU Master Gardener


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~ June ~


  • All annuals can be set out now. Set out newly purchased fuchsias as well as your young starts. Repot plants that have been held over winter. Pinch back growth to encourage bushier plants. The bushier the plant the more blooms.
  • You still have a couple of weeks to get your dahlias and tuberous begonias out.
  • Set out perennials. Soak them in a bucket for awhile before planting if they are dry. Be sure to massage the root ball even to the point of cutting from the bottom and butterflying the ball. Many plants have become root bound. If the roots are growing in a circle, be sure to spread them out cutting them if necessary. root bound plant Failure to do this can result in a dead plant or one that thinks it is still in a pot and stops growing. A gentle massage of the roots will help the plant send them out into the garden soil. Don’t amend the planting hole. This will encourage the plant to keep its roots close and not send them out into the soil. Make the planting hole twice the size of the pot and the same depth. The plants should be planted at the same depth as in the pot. Water in well.
  • Keep up the war on slugs.
  • Perennials can still be divided and replanted or shared.
  • Thin fruits. Once trees have dropped their immature fruit naturally, thin clusters so the remaining fruit develops to full size. On trees with heavy crops, thin doubles and triples to one or two, respectively, then thin remaining fruit to 6 inch intervals along the branch. You’ll get fewer fruit but much larger ones and ease the strain on the branches.
    thinning fruit
  • WEED AND FIGHT SLUGS! A little weeding every day or three times a week can keep a garden pretty much weed free. Just begin where you left off last time and work your way around the garden.