Maintenance Calendar – February

Maintenance Calendar

Compiled by Linda Lee,
WSU Master Gardener


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~ February ~


  • Shop nurseries for winter blooming shrubs and trees. Daphne odora will be in bloom this month. One planted beside an entrance is especially nice because of their sweet scent. Witch hazel is another fragrant winter bloomer. Be sure to check the area you want to fill for size and choose a plant that will fit at maturity. There is nothing worse that choosing a plant that will outgrow your space.
  • You can plant peas outside this month. Give them a head start by soaking them in water overnight, then place them between layers of damp paper towels on a cookie sheet and set in a warm place. Use a spray bottle of water to keep the towels damp. Once the peas have sprouted, plant them.primrose
  • Blooming pots of primroses will be available everywhere now. You can plant them outdoors in beds or in pots. I replace my flowering kale planted in October with primroses. Grow them indoors repotted or with their plastic pots grouped in a handsome container and topped with moss. Keep them evenly moist to prolong their bloom. Transfer them to the garden when you see the leaves begin to show signs of yellowing. They will be very happy outdoors.
  • Weed the garden. The weeds you pull now will never get the chance to steal valuable nutrients from your plants.
  • Keep up the war on slugs.