Maintenance Calendar – December

Maintenance Calendar

Compiled by Linda Lee,
WSU Master Gardener


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~ December ~


  • Garden shops and nurseries are now stocking amaryllis bulbs. Buy several bulbs and pot them up at two week intervals. You’ll have blooms from mid-December to Valentine’s Day and beyond. Fun for those who like to garden inside as well as out.
  • Ground layer evergreens such as hebe, daphne, mahonia, rhododendrons and hydrangeas. This is an easy way to propagate new plants. Find a branch near the ground and scrape a bit of the bark (about the size of a fingernail) from the underside. Dust the wound with rooting hormone (I’ve found this is not always necessary) and press the branch down into a shallow hollow in the ground. Cover the branch with a bit of soil and weight it down with a rock or a brick. Keep the area well watered and by next fall the branch will have rooted. hydrangeas Cut the new plant away from the parent and plant it in another site or share with a friend.
  • Hardy trees and shrubs can go in the ground now.
  • Give winter-blooming house plants an application of fertilizer, but wait until April to feed others.
  • Use greens from holiday swags and wreaths and branches from the Christmas tree to protect plants from the cold of winter.