Gardening Forums

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Gardening Forums

The websites listed below provide a means for gardeners to chat, sharing knowledge, problems and solutions. They often require a user to register with the site before messages may be posted or read. The registration is usually free, and takes only a few minutes. These are only a few of the many gardening forums found on the internet.

A Few Words Of Caution

typingWhen you are in a forum, remember that every message you post can usually be seen by everyone else. To avoid potential problems, avoid posting any personal information on these forums, such as your real name, physical address, telephone number, financial information, personal email address, or any other personal information. Identity theft and stalking is a real problem, and it is always best if you are cautious.

The information you find on these sites may or may not be accurate, up-to-date, or even applicable to your gardening situation. Do your own research before taking any action.

Gardening Forums

Ask an Expert. OSU Extension, Master Gardeners. This is a moderated forum where registered users may post their horticultural questions for others to view and comment upon.

GardenWeb Forums. GardenWeb. GardenWeb is a commercial website providing gardening information, forums, photo galleries, a gardening glossary, a directory of garden clubs and gardens, and garden products. Of particular interest may be GardenWeb’s Northwestern Gardening, covering issues unique to gardening in areas with the mild, damp winters and moderate summers of a maritime climate, as in the northwestern U.S. and Canada’s Pacific Coast.

Helpful Gardener Gardening Forum. This bulletin board allows users to post and read messages on numerous garden topics.

UBC Botanical Garden Forums. The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. The UBC Botanical Garden provides these forums for people from around the world to discuss plants and gardening with input from UBC researchers, staff and volunteers and other contributing experts.